Lax Premier League


The Lax Premier League of Texas is an invitational competitive playing Lacrosse league sponsored by Youth Lacrosse Premier Association (YLPA) a Texas Non Profit Corporation

Member of US Lacrosse

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  You must register your team to Play Lacrosse Competitive too RYLPA                                                                  

  Facilities South of McKinney Airport (Richardson Sport Complex)

  U11-U12 U12-U13 U13-U14 U14-U15 Competitive Girls and Boys Category

  Six (6) teams on each category

  Each team plays nine (9) games

  Awarded 3 points for a win, zero (0) points for a loss

  Tie on regular time goes to overtime

  Games Saturday and Sundays from 8:30 AM to 4:40 PM

  All games at Campbell Green Park

  First four (4) teams at the end of nine (9) game plays semifinals

  All categories play on full size field

  All categories play 30 minutes half's

  All game referee by US Lacrosse certify referees






































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